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pigeon traps by Hawkeye

Pigeons are known to be exceptional navigators, with the ability to find their way back to their home even when released from hundreds of miles away. Despite many years of research, the exact mechanisms behind this homing behaviour remains somewhat mysterious. However, scientists have identified several factors that may play a role, including the use of pigeon pheromones.

Using this knowledge, Hawkeye has figured out how to use pheromones in the trapping process to its advantage. Pheromones can be used as an incentive to lure pigeons into live and humane traps. Due to the unique construction of our traps, the pheromones from previous birds linger in the trap and have proven to be extremely effective in drawing pigeons into the traps. In addition, we also use corn feed as an incentive to persuade the birds into the trap. These traps are capable of capturing multiple pigeons at a time and can accommodate up to 54 pigeons in one trap. Now what exactly are pheromones and why do the help in the trapping process?

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