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Falconry in Bird Control

peregrine falconFalconry is defined as “taking wild quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained birds of prey” ( and dates back at least as far as 2000 BC; some historians believe this practice to be even older.

Birds of prey (also referred to as raptors) are excellent hunters with extraordinary eye sight and very sharp claws, or talons. They can hunt prey that fly in the air, or small mammals on the ground. Some hunt during the day, while others (such as owls) are nocturnal and hunt at night. Birds of prey are built for speed and precision, making them the perfect hunting partner.

Birds of prey are trained by learning to associate the falconer with food. As raptosr are very food motivated, they can be trained once they learn that the falconer is their only source of food. If a brid of prey catches prey, the falconer has to remove the prey immediately and replace it with a food reward for a job well done. If the raptor gets to eat what it catches, it will no longer be willing to fly for the falconer. The falconer has to be the only source of food for the bird. Birds of prey can be quite easily released back into the wild and revert to their natural way of life after being trained by a falconer.


Here, at Hawkeye Bird Control, we offer a proactive falconry program that is both humane and highly effective at controlling pest birds. We use birds of prey as an environmentally friendly way of controlling the behavioural patterns of pest bird species such as grackles, pigeons, gulls, starlings and sparrows.

When dealing with large numbers of pest birds, birds of prey offer faster and longer lasting results than methods such as killing/shooting. Using Falconry works for controlling birds for many situations including; airport bird strike safety, industrial building infestations/nesting, reducing crop damage from bird feeding, unsanitary areas from excessive bird droppings, landfills, recreational areas and more.

Falconer's Experience & Advanced Falconry Training

We are passionate about Birds of Prey and we want to share that passion with you. During our Falconry Experience, you'll have the chance to get up close and personal with one or more of our Birds of Prey.

At the end of your class, you will

  • Have a bird fly to and from your arm;
  • Have a bit of an understanding of raptor biology and physiology;
  • Know a little about Aviary construction;
  • Have found a new love and respect for Birds of Prey

Head on over to our website entirely devoted to Hawkeye Falconry and book your spot! Visit »