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Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control LLC
5600 N Flagler Dr. #705
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Ph: 1.833.833.4295

5600 N Flagler Dr. Suite #705, West Palm Beach FL 33407 1-833-833-4295

About Us


The professionals at Hawkeye have the necessary skills and licenses to provide you with every aspect of  bird removal/abatement for almost any situation and location. From assessment, to clean up, to preventing return visits, we do it all.

Our Guarantee to You: 

We will give you a written guarantee for all work performed. 

Your Cost: 

What we quote is what you pay. We are reasonably priced with one promise: We will adhere to the estimated cost and not come back to you with additional charges. Invoices are payable by cheque, PayPal or VISA, MasterCard, American Express and electronic bank transfers. We do not accept cash.

Working in North America and Worldwide:

If you are looking for professional and licensed bird control, we are here for you.  We continually work on animal control and removal projects throughout the world including projects in Thailand, North Africa, France and Ecuador.  We have the skills, capacity and dedication to help local and international communities. We will provide professional animal, bird and wildlife removal and control services for anyone and anywhere that needs our help.

How We Approach the Humane & Ethical Treatment of Animals, Birds and Wildlife: 

Hawkeye will not needlessly or carelessly kill a bird. Only when birds are in danger of crashing into a plane or in any other danger scenario which threatens the health and/or safety of human-beings, will we resort to lethal methods.

Our Products & Systems: 

If we can't guarantee them, we don't carry them. Our services include the same guarantee. We are one of the only commercial animal, bird and wildlife control company that uses falconry techniques, a centuries old proven tried and trusted solution that relies on the relationship between a bird of prey and its handler to scare & relocate nuisance birds. We stand behind all our products and services.

Our Staff:

When it comes down to the crunch, the team at Hawkeye has the experience to fly a bird of prey in the most hostile of environments, hang on the side of a building installing netting and many other talents to make sure we get the job done right for you!